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Subject: UKNM: e-christmas comments
From: Lesley Mingay
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:23:52 GMT

The e-christmas project was more about proving the technology and
getting previously reluctant merchants to start thinking about
e-commerce with a view that in the future they will buy into the
software and services offered by the e-christmas sponsors and
developers. It was obvious right from the start it was never going to
be a runaway commercial success because it wasn't really designed for
that - so I'm surprised some people are surprised (and no, we chose not
to participate!)

As for David Brake's comment:
<Surely at this rate it will be well after 2000 before consumers buying
online becomes a significant force in

Some retailers this side of the pond are doing very nicely already but
are keeping well away from the hype (no names deliberately mentioned!) -
I'm with Forrester in thinking that transactional revenues will rival ad
revenue in the not too distant future. Europe as a whole is also not
going to develop as a single market - the North will almost certainly
outstrip the South. However global the internet has the capacity to be,
consumers are still more likely to buy within country than across
borders - even e-christmas discovered this - so expect to see some
markets much more advanced than others by 2000.

For a free copy of the e-christmas report go to http://www.kpmg.co.uk



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