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Subject: UKNM: e-xmas
From: David Brake
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:32:40 GMT

Lesley Mingay wrote:
>I'm with Forrester in thinking that transactional revenues will rival ad
>revenue in the not too distant future

Rivalling an estimated �6m in web ad revenue in 1997 will not be *too*
difficult to achieve!

The direct URL for the KPMG report is

Thanks for pointing it out.

The URL of the NYT article (for those able to get in) is:

Some quotes from the article:

Surf-and-Buy http://www.surfandbuy.com/, a French Web site backed by IBM,
has been contacted 185,000 times in three months, yet just 1,400 people
actually purchased an item.

nearly half of the 500 purchases were made by
American customers.
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