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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Ross Sleight
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 16:32:44 GMT

Yes - I was surprised as well Glen - I expected the first TV ad for a
net product (excepting Microsoft) would be AOL.... I have a feeling
though that this may be an old advertising "trick".

Top Jobs may not be advertising to individuals to get them to use the
site. If they are - I'm surprised - far too much wastage, little
product demo etc etc.

There could be two reasons for this advertising. Top Jobs may have just
bought a few LWT spots in prime programmes because this is where their
*real* audience lies...

(i) Top Jobs are advertising to the business community (who are laid
back and out of their "business" head) to raise profile of the service
amongst select individuals for finance reasons (i.e. they want some!),
or for major employers (a large % are in the Carlton LWT area) to come
onto the service. Advertising on TV is far more of a profile, big brand
way of saying something than a direct marketing shot to these
individuals = and if they do the advertising before the DM then they
will have an audience who are more receptive to their message because
they have a higher awareness...

(ii) Top Jobs are aiming at the Internet community themselves - i.e. us,
media buyers etc to raise profile. This is exactly what Yahoo and
Excite did in the US. They took out ad campaigns on TV that were
heavily PR'ed, but in fact only covered NY and SF - the two hotbeds of
interactivity. They didn't say it was a national campaign, but people
in the Net community thought WOW - these boys are big players now
because they assumed it was national.

Thus Top Jobs might have bought a few spots which may have cost them
�10,000 and got a great response in awareness levels against their core
audiences - something that *cannot* be achieved for the same amount of
money spent online. So if this is their strategy, pat on the back and
fill up the champagne glasses - if it was to reach consumers who they
want to use the service, shove in the back and a pint of milk.


Ross Sleight
Strategy Director
BMP interAction

Glen Collins wrote:
> Was anyone else surprised to see 'topjobs' advertising their website on
> Channel 4 at the weekend?
> It's the first time that I have seen a TV advert dedicated purely to
> advertising a website, and I would really question the logic behind it.
> (Unless there is some link with Channel 4 and the site?)
> I do not know the actual figures involved, but my gut feeling is that
> they would have been much better off investing the money into a balanced
> online marketing campaign.
> What does anyone else think about this?

  UKNM: Advertising A Website?, Glen Collins

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