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Subject: RE: UKNM: A request when you have a few spare minutes. Join an experiment
From: Robin
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 14:09:39 GMT


have you seen http://www.sixdegrees.com/ ?



Robin Grant, Producer, Brann Interactive
100 Victoria, Bristol, UK, BS1 6HE - http://www.brann-interactive.com/
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email: robinatperfect [dot] co [dot] uk, icq: 362763, www: http://www.perfect.co.uk/

From: Ben Thompson[SMTP:benathadida [dot] com]
Sent: 24 February 1998 15:37
To: Multiple recipients of uk-netmarketing
Subject: UKNM: A request when you have a few spare minutes. Join an experiment

For those people who know me this message will not come as a surprise. For
those of you who do not please take a minute to read this and to join in.

We are currently working on an experimental system called Erdos.net. It is
currently building up a network of connections for people online much like
the game "Six degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon". If you have ever seen
the game you'll know how this works.

Although we are sure that the system has some great practical purpose,
currently the only purpose we can think of is as a game. How close are you
to Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, the Teletubbies, Rolf Harris, heat death? How
many accountants, lawyers... do you actually know?

All we need you to do is to submit some information about yourself along
with the names (names and email addresses only) of people who fall inside
your sphere of contact. These could be clients, suppliers, co-workers, or
simply friends and aquaintances. Anyone, in short, who you could phone on
first name terms.

Our system collects this information, and discovers the network of
relationships between all its members.

Prizes will be awarded on some random basis.

For full details about the system and to enter yourself and your contacts
into it please come to http://www.erdos.net/


Ben Thompson

PS Any complaints should be aimed at Mat Morrison. ;-) He said it
was an interesting good idea.

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