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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Ross Sleight
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 14:09:37 GMT

Mark Curtis wrote:

> I'd guess that their problem is lack of brand trust/knowledge.
> We're trying to push clients towards using their off-line with on-line but
> to do different jobs. Our belief is that the former won't lead to as many
> impressions directly as on-line, but helps establish credibility for the
> (unknown) brand so that when it is seen in a banner, the consumer is more
> inclined to click.

An interesting one Mark - I'd be inclined to agree with you from an Ad
background, but I have an inclination the web works slightly
differently. Or maybe it *worked* slightly differently. Amazon, Yahoo
etc. didn't do offline campaigns until very recently so their whole
brand presence was built online only. Some companies on the online
brokerage side of things such as Quote.com have again only started
recently. Can another brand build online only to gain trust etc?
Perhaps the market now is:

(i) Too crowded with 'me too' firms in certain sectors to make online
brand awareness a feasible possibility now
(ii) Too many mass market consumers coming online who are not aware of
the net only firms.

A moot point of discussion. I know we have done it exclusively online
for several clients who would have expected an offline campaign as well.
Unless targeting is easily offline, I still think in the UK it is too
expensive and has too much wastage for the average online brand to
really make an impact. If you have the dosh though like AOL then go for
it! And that comes from someone who would love to see more integrated
campaigns - its our bread and butter!



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