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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Felix Velarde
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 16:25:22 GMT

On 24/2/98 I read:

> Mark Curtis wrote:
> > I'd guess that their problem is lack of brand trust/knowledge.
> >
> > We're trying to push clients towards using their off-line with
>on-line but
> > to do different jobs. Our belief is that the former won't lead to as many
> > impressions directly as on-line, but helps establish credibility for the
> > (unknown) brand so that when it is seen in a banner, the consumer is more
> > inclined to click.
> An interesting one Mark - I'd be inclined to agree with you from an Ad
> background, but I have an inclination the web works slightly
> differently. Or maybe it *worked* slightly differently. Amazon, Yahoo
> etc. didn't do offline campaigns until very recently so their whole
> brand presence was built online only. Some companies on the online
> brokerage side of things such as Quote.com have again only started
> recently. Can another brand build online only to gain trust etc?
> Perhaps the market now is:
> (i) Too crowded with 'me too' firms in certain sectors to make online
> brand awareness a feasible possibility now
> (ii) Too many mass market consumers coming online who are not
>aware of
> the net only firms.
> A moot point of discussion. I know we have done it exclusively online
> for several clients who would have expected an offline campaign as well.
> Unless targeting is easily offline, I still think in the UK it is too
> expensive and has too much wastage for the average online brand to
> really make an impact. If you have the dosh though like AOL then go for
> it! And that comes from someone who would love to see more integrated
> campaigns - its our bread and butter!

When we created the Snickers web site it was promoted exclusively on-line
for eight months by Underwired (www.underwired.com) with 140k page
impressions per week after nine weeks average. Underwired now does all of
our clients' on-line promotions: indeed our own non-commercial site
(www.head-space.com) is an exclusively on-line brand with some 100k page
impressions per month (for a high-end designers' site). Off-line promotion,
for example for the Snickers site, made almost no difference to traffic
levels. On-line banners, however, boosted traffic by a significant
percentage, with click-through rates of around 6-8 percent.

Felix Velarde

Managing Director Head New Media

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