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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Ross Sleight
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 07:43:07 GMT

Felix Velarde wrote:

> When we created the Snickers web site it was promoted exclusively on-line
> for eight months by Underwired (www.underwired.com) with 140k page
> impressions per week after nine weeks average. Underwired now does all of
> our clients' on-line promotions: indeed our own non-commercial site
> (www.head-space.com) is an exclusively on-line brand with some 100k page
> impressions per month (for a high-end designers' site). Off-line promotion,
> for example for the Snickers site, made almost no difference to traffic
> levels. On-line banners, however, boosted traffic by a significant
> percentage, with click-through rates of around 6-8 percent.
> Felix Velarde
> Managing Director Head New Media

No doubt Felix - and I can wholly support the effectiveness of online
ads...but unless the ads for Snickers offline were devoted to promoting
the online venture then I don't really see it as comparable. From
offline media promotion dedicated to promoting web sites with our
clients we've seen individual rises averaging 3-5,000 plus visitors to a
site a day (averaging 4- 15 pages per visitor) so the link is there if
the offline creative message is

(a) dedicated to selling the online presence
(b) Highly targeted to reduce wastage

Then there is a big measurable link. Chucking a URL on an offline ad
will not increase usage (certainly not immediately due to proximity
issues - I ain't near a computer etc.)- it isn't a direct response media
tactic - but it will raise a wee bit of awareness and probably a larger
shift in brand perceptions (old fashioned, recessive etc to more modern,
with it etc.)


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