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Subject: Re: UKNM: A request when you have a few spare minutes. Join an experiment
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 18:37:50 GMT


Actually everyone I spoke to before I started work on it (and it only took a
day) did not mention 6 degrees and the only reference I found of it was in
an old edition of Wired when Danny O'Brien told me the exact same thing

Considering that this included a large number of people on this list I can
only assume that 6 degrees is not that popular. Also having now had a look
at the 6 degrees site I can inform you that the aim of the Erdos is very

To put it simply Erdos will be a UK based system, 6 degrees is american. The
other difference is money, 6 degrees has so far cost $500,000 ish Erdos $120
(one domain name and 1 months web space) and a day of my time.



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Date: 25 February 1998 15:14
Subject: RE: UKNM: A request when you have a few spare minutes. Join an

>have you seen http://www.sixdegrees.com/ ?
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>From: Ben Thompson[SMTP:benathadida [dot] com]
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>Subject: UKNM: A request when you have a few spare minutes. Join an
>For those people who know me this message will not come as a surprise. For
>those of you who do not please take a minute to read this and to join in.
>We are currently working on an experimental system called Erdos.net. It is
>currently building up a network of connections for people online much like
>the game "Six degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon". If you have ever
>the game you'll know how this works.
>Although we are sure that the system has some great practical purpose,
>currently the only purpose we can think of is as a game. How close are you
>to Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, the Teletubbies, Rolf Harris, heat death? How
>many accountants, lawyers... do you actually know?
>All we need you to do is to submit some information about yourself along
>with the names (names and email addresses only) of people who fall inside
>your sphere of contact. These could be clients, suppliers, co-workers, or
>simply friends and aquaintances. Anyone, in short, who you could phone on
>first name terms.
>Our system collects this information, and discovers the network of
>relationships between all its members.
>Prizes will be awarded on some random basis.
>For full details about the system and to enter yourself and your contacts
>into it please come to http://www.erdos.net/
>Ben Thompson
>PS Any complaints should be aimed at Mat Morrison. ;-) He said it
>was an interesting good idea.

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