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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: carlo andrea pattacini
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 17:36:05 GMT

---Ross Sleight <rosssateasynet [dot] co [dot] uk> wrote:
>... From
> offline media promotion dedicated to promoting web sites with our
> clients we've seen individual rises averaging 3-5,000 plus visitors to a
> site a day (averaging 4- 15 pages per visitor) so the link is there if
> the offline creative message is
> (a) dedicated to selling the online presence
> (b) Highly targeted to reduce wastage
> Then there is a big measurable link. Chucking a URL on an offline ad
> will not increase usage (certainly not immediately due to proximity
> issues - I ain't near a computer etc.)- it isn't a direct response media
> tactic - but it will raise a wee bit of awareness and probably a larger
> shift in brand perceptions (old fashioned, recessive etc to more modern,
> with it etc.)

This sounds too good, while it should be almost
obvious: online and offline actions MUST be
coordinated, as there are not two separate companies
with two different communication startegies, one for
the traditional media and one for the new media.

Maybe it is still better to look at the two forms not
as coordinated but as co-generated: I mean that the
two must come from the same source.

This doesn't mean that the same agency must create
the two, but that the traditional ad agency and the
new media one must be briefed at the same time, by
the same people of the commitment company.

I work in Italy (and here is worse by far than UK)
and now, after a long time, I succedeed to obtain
this: few days ago Telecom Italia Net (the ISP of
Telecom Italia) asked us (Media Link) and McCann
Erickson to create their communication.

McCann created a corporate identity for TIN and we
are using it for their cd-rom and their web services;
then McCann ads will bring notice of new media
actions (free trail cd-roms).

carlo andrea pattacini
and65atrocketmail [dot] com

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