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Subject: RE: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 17:36:02 GMT

Mark's right I think - depends on what you are selling, and to whom.

Does anyone have any real world examples of the effectiveness of on-pack URL
placement for retail items? Our latest site, for the new Thorntons children's
range, has the URL on the packaging of all the sweets. It will be interesting
to monitor how many visitors to the site come directly, rather than via a
search engine or directory. So far, the most popular referrer seems to be
Emap's "what's new" site (http://www.whatsnew.com), which I would thus highly
recommend, even if the site only stays there for a day or so. I think they had
the Thorntons site in the number 1 spot in the kids section, which may keep it
visible for a bit longer (although it has already slipped to about number 50 in
the space of a week!).

Incidentally, the biggest rise in hits to one of our sites ever came from a
link from Microsoft's site, when they picked up on it and placed it in a news
item (if I recall correctly). Not even sure how they got hold of that one, so
the price was right!



On Thursday, February 26, 1998 9:16 AM, Mark Curtis [SMTP:markatchbi [dot] co [dot] uk]
> Felix wrote.....
> >When we created the Snickers web site it was promoted exclusively on-line
> >for eight months by Underwired (www.underwired.com) with 140k page
> >impressions per week after nine weeks average. Underwired now does all of
> >our clients' on-line promotions: indeed our own non-commercial site
> >(www.head-space.com) is an exclusively on-line brand with some 100k page
> >impressions per month (for a high-end designers' site). Off-line promotion,
> >for example for the Snickers site, made almost no difference to traffic
> >levels. On-line banners, however, boosted traffic by a significant
> >percentage, with click-through rates of around 6-8 percent.
> >
> But its horses for courses isn't it. We're discovering right now that
> off-line ads work very well for Screentrade (www.insurance.co.uk). And to no
> surprise the single best effect comes from great press coverage, though you
> can't build a campaign around the latter. I'm not suggesting that off is
> therefore better than on, just that in this case the mix appears to work.

Robin Edwards
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