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Subject: Re: UKNM: How much is enough
From: Sean Phelan
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:50:36 GMT

At 4:14 pm +0000 12/2/99, Jim Sterne wrote:
>Every time they doubled their capacity (both servers and
>pipes) they doubled their pageviews. They both said that
>people have a time limit when surfing. People will spend
>only X minutes at your site and if you can show them 6
>pages in that X minutes, that's all they'll look at.
>However, if you can serve up 12 pages in X minutes,
>they will look at 12 pages.

Absolutely. That is exactly what has happened here at Multi Media
Mapping; a bandwidth hike immediately causes a traffic hike. Same
thing happened (and this really surprised me) when we rearranged
some servers and moved our main relational database off the primary
web server and on to a dedicated machine.

Although the maps didn't go out any quicker, all the local info was
being retrieved and displayed way faster, with the result that users
browsed it far more.

Which begs the question, especially in this group, of how advertisers
will feel about such things. If Joe User comes to our site and
retrieves twice as many pages now we have tuned up our servers, we
will send twice as many banners, and the many advertisers paying our
(very moderate) CPM will spend twice as much with us. However, Joe
user is probably less likely to click on a banner now he is getting
pages even more quickly. He is certainly not twice as likely to

Hm; maybe we should lower the bandwidth on our advertising-supported
pages and increase it for our fee-based users :-) Except that would
lead to a massive stream of complaints :-(


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