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Subject: UKNM: BOUNCE uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com: Approval required:
From: Chinwag (by way of Sam Michel <owneratchinwag [dot] com>)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 13:47:29 GMT

Marcus wrote:

>Ah but isn't the intention of BT ClickFree to let you buy goods over the
>Net and charge it to your BT account, ie all the people without credit
>cards suddenly get a credit card overnight !! How they would work this is
>questionable, if it's added to your bill then that's 90+ days free credit.

As far I am aware, this wouldn't be allowed. I had heard that that scheme
was a possible model for selling small ticket items, but a spokesperson for
BT said that they couldn't legally do that. So unless things have changed
since January...

The BTClickFree service is tied in with discounts from Value Direct,
exclusive to ClickFree subscribers. More firms are set to sign deals with
BT/Click in this way. And, of course, no matter what percentage BT take
from the sales, a subscription-free Internet account is a money-spinner - a
Net call typically takes a lot more time than a local voice call and both
are charged at the same rates.

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