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Subject: Re: UKNM: Creativity
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 16:02:56 GMT

Felix Velarde <felixathead-newmedia [dot] com> said:
>I agree. The problem, however, as I see it is that those who are
>creative will charge too much - I know that's been the case when
>we've offered to do ads for people like yourself. Our creative team
>gets charged out by the day, and there's no definable limit to how
>much time it will take for a good ad to be written, art directed and

I agree with Felix that it is difficult to price creativity but equally it
is possible to be creative without spending a huge amount of time on
processes that are essentially about management communication, rather than
creating the creative.

Tying up a group of account managers, marketers, and other assorted
management types (however creative they may be) in an exercise of sending
and amending briefs before amending successive executions because the brief
was not clear enough having been written by a committee, is bound to have an
upward effect on cost, but not necessarily on quality.

If the design rules for banner creative were clearer to banner designers,
and those who briefed them, then less time would be spent correcting poorly
functioning designs (or less wasted media spend getting bad response if they
go live). There would then be more time, effort and energy left over for
real creative and original thinking. There's no point thinking about how to
make an arch look beautiful until you have solved the problem of keeping the
roof in the realm of the gods rather than on the heads of the worshippers.

As I said in my original post, some of the best design ideas come from
people who are able to act outside the contstraints of the briefing (ie
"management") processes. Hence the aim to encourage unknown designers to
have a go and see what they come up with.

As to pricing by the job, as opposed to the lengths of the designers' tea
breaks, again I can see no reason why not. Plenty of US design shops do it
and produce superb results. Having to work to deadlines and budgets often
concentrates the mind. As a reporter many years ago I remember producing
some of my best stories when I had only 15 mins to get the job done.

The best ideas are timeless, dreamt up in seconds, and executed in the
excitement of the moment.

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