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Subject: RE: UKNM: Creativity
From: Elizabeth Van Couvering
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:05:51 GMT

Just on this topic and to continue a rant I was on a bit earlier today (for
those of you who were at the DoubleClick seminar, sorry).

IMHO, you get what you measure for. There is a good argument to suggest
that click-through alone should not be the measure of a banner campaign,
unless you want to go whole-hog toward the direct marketing route -- you
know, the ads look cheap, but people send back the coupons! I'm attaching
(horror, an attachment) an Excite US banner which I personally think is an
example of this wrong-headed strategy.

When are we going to come up with strategies that measure brand impact as
well as cost-per-click? What would such a measurement platform look like?


Elizabeth Van Couvering, Analyst
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Wear your mind on your sleeve.

Felix Velarde wrote:

> A few years ago we did some banners for Snickers. It took the
> creative team at the client's ad agency nine days to come up with
> copy for six ads based on pages we'd written and designed for the web
> site. It then took us around a week to design, produce and get the
> ads approved. (You can see them if you're interested at
> http://www.head-case.com/banners/). They were bloody expensive. But
> they got a click-through rate of (ave) 4.6%.
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  Re: UKNM: Creativity, Felix Velarde

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