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Subject: Re: UKNM: Creativity
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:11:49 GMT

Need to define terms when we're talking about creativity.

We ran an experiment on BT Touchpoint a while back. I won't give you the
whole case study but here are the bullets.

1. Banner campaign for Tango on 'Loaded' channel of Touchpoint.

2. Banners are specifically planned and written for this location by
same regular account planner involved in TV, Press and outdoor.

3. Banners executed in 2hrs by agency art room

4. 43% Clickthrough

5. Loaded contract with BT terminates. BT move banners to 'Movies'
channel with approx five times the traffic.

6. 14% Clickthrough

We use this case study to explain why there is no point in applying the
regular criteria of 'Creative' to banner space and why there is
absolutely no substitute for a clear understanding of brand and target


Felix Velarde wrote:
> On 18/2/99 I read:
> > There are severe restrictions with banner ads, but I still see
> > no reason why you should not be able to create superb, stunning images
> > with the space available. I just think we have been asking the wrong
> > people to do it (the briefing, etc., not the designing) and not letting
> > the real creative brains have a go
> Hi Ray
> I agree. The problem, however, as I see it is that those who are
> creative will charge too much - I know that's been the case when
> we've offered to do ads for people like yourself. Our creative team
> gets charged out by the day, and there's no definable limit to how
> much time it will take for a good ad to be written, art directed and
> produced.
> A few years ago we did some banners for Snickers. It took the
> creative team at the client's ad agency nine days to come up with
> copy for six ads based on pages we'd written and designed for the web
> site. It then took us around a week to design, produce and get the
> ads approved. (You can see them if you're interested at
> http://www.head-case.com/banners/). They were bloody expensive. But
> they got a click-through rate of (ave) 4.6%.
> Unfortunately creativity isn't easily packaged and priced. We charge
> by the day on banners, and we'd make a guesstimate about a cost, but
> you've got to remember factors over and above just the creation and
> production - factors like the time taken to understand what the
> client is selling or offering, and time to understand the creative
> requirements and limitations imposed by the site you are hoping to
> click through to.
> We'd be happy to enter any awards you might care to launch - but in
> reality until clients are generally prepared to accept that
> creativity in itself can breed success, and that creativity is in
> itself a commodity, I don't think that we'll see much going on that's
> interesting in the ad banner world.
> Best wishes
> Felix Velarde
> Managing Director Head New Media
> [ success is about interaction ]
> [ voice + 44 (0) 171 737 7579 ]
> [ http://www.head-newmedia.com ]

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