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Subject: Re: UKNM: Creativity
From: Talbot & Nagel Advertising
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 14:14:25 GMT

Why aren't there more creative banners?
Perhaps a more relevant question is why do banners need to be creative?

Communications benefit from 'creativity' when you need to compete for the
attention of your audience, and when your message is of low interest (and
therefore challenge you cerebrally to make the message memorable).
Creativity has not become a part of the communications industry to
entertain or make messages 'beautiful". I agree "there is no substitute for
a clear understanding of brand and target audience", but what happens in a
market with parity products? Suddenly you must be distinctive - often on a
low budget.

Just because too many communications folk, client and agency side, invest
too little in understanding their brand and and understanding their target
audience - do not underestimate the power of creativity. Tango will
understand that from their traditional media campaign.

So, there is also no susbstitute for creativity. So why aren't there more
creative banners?

I think a previous contribution was closer to the mark. Money. But, I'll
stick my neck out here, and suggest it is not the money needed to pay art
directors and copywriters, it is the cost of the media. If every banner
cost 30 grand, (a cheap 30" TV spot), do you think the client would design
the banner themselves? If they did, they'd be risking their brand, and also
their job. When you've a big budget you go to the professionals not simply
because they'll do the best job for your brand, but also because it's safe.

Banners are, I'm afraid, the equivalent to flyers. Cheap, minor support
media in the eyes of the average business. That's why most are designed by
clients, and programmed by the HTML shop on the corner.

If and when the internet grows up and becomes competitive, popular, and
therefore expensive, we'll see more creativity. Maybe.

Kyle Talbot (yep, a creative)

T A L B O T & N A G E L A D V E R T I S I N G

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> Onderwerp: Re: UKNM: Creativity
> Datum: woensdag 24 februari 1999 16:21
> We use this case study to explain why there is no point in applying the
> regular criteria of 'Creative' to banner space and why there is
> absolutely no substitute for a clear understanding of brand and target
> audience.
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