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Subject: Re: UKNM: Creativity
From: Tim Hayward
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 14:14:39 GMT

"The cost of placing banner ads on Web sites is finally falling, with
the average price per 1,000 online "impressions" down 5.6% in December 1998
from a year earlier. "It's a simple example of supply and demand," says the
marketing director at AdKnowledge. "Many more sites are seeking
advertising, so there's a lot more to choose from." Meanwhile, the
click-through rate (the percentage of viewers who actually click on a
banner ad to find out more information) is down as well. According to the CEO
at Agency.com, the current rate is 0.5%, down from 1% a year ago and 2.5% two
years ago. "People are more focused about the use of the Internet.
They want to do what they came to do and they don't want to click on a
(Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 99)"

Ray Taylor wrote:
> Elizabeth Van Couvering <elizabethatjup [dot] com> said:
> >When are we going to come up with strategies that measure brand impact as
> >well as cost-per-click? What would such a measurement platform look like?
> Tools for measuring brand impact already exist, for other media, so what's
> the difference. Brand is brand whether you put it in a web banner or shout
> it from a street corner. The problem is that brand impact measurement
> requires investment on the part of the advertiser and/or media owner. Since
> UK ad budgets are typically below 20,000 this quarter then it's difficult
> to justify spending a similar amount or more on research.
> Further, most web advertising is still about building traffic alone. Which
> is a stupid waste of money, considering the high cost of UK inventory. Once
> UK advertisers and agencies learn about online branding, start to spend on
> it, start to insist on ROI, then we can look at measuring it.
> Till then, we are just playing at it, if that.
> Ray Taylor +44 181 639 0015 tayloratnmcadplan [dot] com

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