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Subject: Affiliate Marketing Networking Session
From: Neil Durrant
Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 19:20:28 -0000

Hi All,

Over the months I've made a number of postings suggesting it's time that the
UK embraced the concept of affiliate or performance marketing.

Increasingly awareness seems to be filtering through and perhaps you are
planning a program or have clients interested in finding out how to
implement such a campaign?

If so, can I just take this opportunity to spam err.. sorry I mean inform
the list, that next Monday at 6pm I'll be holding a very informal, after
work, networking session.

I'll be joined by Declan Dunn and Ola Edvarrdson who represent a US based
performance marketing agency. I already have a number of new media agencies
and existing program managers joining us.

The idea is to offer a relaxed get together, discuss thoughts, share some
ideas and examine a couple of case studies of successful programs.

We will *probably* simply meet in the bar at the Mayfair Inter-Continental
but if numbers rise I'll arrange a small room somewhere for us.

The session is free and you even get to buy your own drinks but if you'd
like to drop by please send me a note off-list so I can confirm
venue/details etc.


Neil Durrant
neilataffiliatemarketing [dot] co [dot] uk
01322 520874

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