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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: Press Releases
From: Lois Grayson
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 14:22:06 -0000

Sam said:
One of the strongest features of
> uk-netmarketing is the opportunity to ask a group of extremely knowledge,
> helpful and generally wise marketing (and other) folk for their help and
> advice.

Agreed. If we're not here to share knowledge and information what are we
here for?

Alex has demonstrated expertise in an area that many of us are not familiar
with - internet law - and his postings are pretty generous when he has
factual info to give

So what if he wants help with press releases? We're not elitist, are we? Or
is there some rule that we can only play if we're brilliant at everything?
In which case UKNM becomes purely instead of partly just a place to be
opinionated - and that really doesn't appeal. I'm here because I learn, I
have fun, I get to be bitchy, I make useful contacts and I like to
contribute when I think I've got something useful to say. If anyone starts
censoring info requests by flaming the poster then the spontaneity on the
list and people's freedom to ask for help will be damaged.

Patricia Wallace (in 'The Psychology of the Internet') has written about
some interesting aspects of online group dynamics.
For instance, she states 'if a group participant fails to read the signs or
ignores the rules group members will escalate pressure to conform'. Which is
what this thread is turning into - Brian your comment is either being
ignored or people like Sam amongst others are trying to nudge the list back
on course so that it *feels* right again.

Tim Ireland got me to notice recently that my tone wasn't right and within a
couple of posts it was all
sweet and light again (blech) - but is it me or is this happening more and
more? Is this list evolving into something harsher? Is it less a community
and now more hard-nosed? Are we using it to blow off steam?

What do we all think?


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