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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: Press Releases
From: Nabil Shabka
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 11:43:32 -0000

I think you have some valid points. While I still like UKNM I have found that
over the past months it has been changing/drifting and I have been far less
interested in the postings and thus, considerably less interested in posting
myself - which I used to do fairly frequently. There does appear to be more
bitching and less 'smart' bitching, which is fun and lets off steam in a clever
way that can often put things into perspective - ie. let's not take ourselves
too seriously.

I have periodically over the years stated this before, we should be here to help
each other not just to sling mud and snigger at other people's goofs. Remember,
no one person or organisation is perfect and what goes round, comes round.
Let's be constructive rather than destructive. If someone needs advice or
assistance and you can offer it, do. If someone wants us to do their work for
them, tell them to piss off. We should be here to share knowledge and
experiences, support each other and have some fun.


Lois Grayson wrote:

> Sam said:
> One of the strongest features of
> > uk-netmarketing is the opportunity to ask a group of extremely knowledge,
> > helpful and generally wise marketing (and other) folk for their help and
> > advice.
> Agreed. If we're not here to share knowledge and information what are we
> here for?

Nabil Shabka
50 Carnwath Road
London, SW6 3EG

Tel: 44-20-7384 6984
Fax: 44-20-7384 6981


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