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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] RE: fall of the dotcoms?
From: Alex Chapman
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 19:41:29 -0000

Not sure whether it is the people who were involved with them that return
getting stronger - clearly one or two will but will the pioneers in one
boom be the ones that lead the way to making things stronger and better in
the next? Aren't they likely to be more cautious and more cynical?

Not that there is anything wrong with that but fortune does favour the
brave. The brave ones are likely to be those that worked for the pioneers
i.e the development teams etc. They are the ones that really stand to
benefit - no losses, no burnt fingers, masses of experience and a whole pot
of ideas to dip into.

And that brings me to my point good ideas will always return - the problem
is the person that uses them may not be the one that created the concept or
first brought it to the market but the person that buys them from the
liquidator or nicks them because they are not properly protected.

The successful infrastructure and intellectual property rights i.e
proprietary engines, third party licences etc will always have value.
Therefore the companies that look after these things now will not only have
something to stop them going to the wall but also something that might help
their resurrection. N'est pas.

For example the dotcom failures - there is value in their databases -
however they might not be able to realise this value by selling it if they
haven't got the proper data protection act consents.

Also the back end software - has value - cost a lot to develop - but if the
rights aren't actually owned by the company it ain't worth a fig.

Just a thought

Alex Chapman
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you make a very good point about Imagine and out of the ashes of Imagine
came many good things as well...

Psgnosis, Denton Designs and more...

so 'tis the same that is likely to happen with those businesses that are no
longer around. those people who were involved in them will return working
with new businesses and getting stronger and stronger...

And hey, isn't that like any other business... business boom, business
and everything else in-between happens!

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  Death of the "dotcom", Ray Taylor

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