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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Offline Verification of Credit Cards
From: Silas Denyer
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 13:44:20 -0000

Very useful run-down, Ben. A couple of questions someone might be able to
help with re this, if I may:

How does the 3-digit "verification code" figure into this (the number
printed only on the signature strip)? Do the UK acquirers actually support
verification based on this information?

Where does the cardholder's liability for the security of his/her card
factor in the 3 months to report stolen card / 6 months to initiate
chargebacks? This suggests that the cardholder is not liable for charges
made using the stolen card if they have not noticed its loss?

Many Thanks

Silas Denyer

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From: "Ben Thompson" <benatbabyhippo [dot] com>
> Finally, remember it may take 3 months for a stolen card to be noticed and
9 months for you to be told (holders have upto 6 months to initiate
chargebacks, banks 3 months to pass that information the merchant). Just
because someone has already made 2 purchases in the past month doesn't mean
that the card isn't dodgy. It may just mean that no statement has appeared

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