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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Offline Verification of Credit Cards
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 09:54:17 -0000

Definitely great stuff if you can make it apply to you.

Obviously this is a big problem for merchants trying to ship goods for next
day delivery. I wonder if they are hit by a higher percentage of fraudulent
transactions as a result? Also, the high volume guys, such as Amazon, would
find it very difficult to manually check every name, address and phone
number against the electoral register. I know they use fraud screening
services, such as Cybersource, but can that validate name against address
and telephone number automatically?

Anyone got any figures on how big a problem CC fraud is in the UK for
various sectors?

Robin Edwards
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> Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Offline Verification of Credit Cards
> From a conversation with the Visa's Fraud section circa 1997.
> 1) Check everything, trust no-one.
> 2) Leave the authorisation of each transaction to as later as
> possible. If possible only authorise just prior to the goods
> being despatched. Note we are talking about authorisation not capture.
> 3) Delay everything. 96 hour delivery rather than 72 hours won't
> really upset anyone but gives more time for the card to be
> reported stolen.
> 4) Validate addresses. Check the postcode to the address and
> ensure it matches. Check the house number against the list of
> valid numbers for that postcode.
> 5) Validate the name with the address.
> 5b) If it doesn't match give them a ring (try between 7 and 8
> rather than during the day). Use a prepared script (it makes
> things easier).
> 6) Compare Credit Card numbers with the ones you already have. If
> you've already seen the card don't accept it (unless the email
> address and postcode match). (You can do this without storing the
> actual credit card details, we do it all the time).
> 7) There are various tricks you can do with credit cards. I'm not
> going into those here (and to be honest, I don't think I'm
> allowed to anyway).
> 8) Above all else apply commonsense.
> Finally, remember it may take 3 months for a stolen card to be
> noticed and 9 months for you to be told (holders have upto 6
> months to initiate chargebacks, banks 3 months to pass that
> information the merchant). Just because someone has already made
> 2 purchases in the past month doesn't mean that the card isn't
> dodgy. It may just mean that no statement has appeared yet.
> Hope that helps and if you need anything more I'll happily have a
> look and see what else can be done.
> Ben Thompson

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