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Subject: Online advertising -- meltdown?
From: Richard Longhurst
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 17:09:05 -0000

LO All,
Anyone had a sniff round this Fotino thing from Melting Point yet?


"a product that enables Internet access providers to overlay advertising
banners on any page on the Internet, insert advertisements on Internet
based email accounts and insert interstitials between web pages...
Fotino is able to place web banners directly over the top of existing
advertisement banners, which will be viewed by the consumer as soon as
they enter that web page. All overlay banners can be moved or deleted. "

Not the clearest sentence ever written. Are we to understand that people
can visit your Web site, browse your content, use your tools -- and all
the time be looking at someone else's advertisment? The WH Smith ISP has
signed up apparently.

Interested to hear your views.

Richard Longhurst - 2020Shops - rlonghurstat2020shops [dot] com
http://www.2020shops.com -- online shopping made easy

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