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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: Press Releases
From: Sam Carrington
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 09:14:38 -0000

If someone asks for help and you don't feel able to assist them, why post
to the list announcing as much? Its a genuine request for assistance - and
you never know, other people on the list might also be interested in the
reply. I might just consider posting this:


... even if I had nothing else to add. I mean - the initial request
doesn't seem that worthy of a flame, but somehow your reply did. Having a
bad day Brian?

I mean, really...

sam carrington :: senior web developer :: sensei.co.uk

On Wed, 7 Feb 2001, Blair, Brian wrote:

> What, and there is no info online about this?
> this list is getting more like an email version of "ask jeeves" each day
> BTW does anyone know where i can lay my hands on a Ping Eye 2 Lob wedge
> (BeCu one)
> i mean, really

[Sam says: msg chopped]

  RE: [uk-netmarketing] Press Releases, Blair, Brian

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