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Subject: Design goals
From: Lois Grayson
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 17:59:25 -0000

Dear all

I have an email correspondence going with a psychologist who's really into web psychology and its impact on design. In a recent exchange he wrote:

I'm not entirely convinced that web designers really need to consider self
actualisation when designing a user interface, however there was lots of
talk of "Relationship Design" at the recent BPS conference. Think
"Information Design" but with a goal of putting emotional qualities into the
experience. Instead of design goals like "Ease of navigation", some
companies are using design goals like "Fun", and "Heed" (the feeling of
being listened to) and using online personalities and Avatar's to try and
create a human - software relationship (think a less annoying Miss Boo).

So what does the list think - a fad, a spin or a paradigm shift brewing?


Lois Grayson
07957 360880
0208 549 1166

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