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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: fall of the dotcoms?
From: Ashley Pomeroy
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:44:57 -0000

>>>>This business used to be fun and spontaneous and no-bullshit. When did
we all become our dads and start suggesting trips to Companies House?<<<<

That's it, though - shysters, naifs and incompetents are always more fun,
more spontaneous and less bully than competent professionals. Neither ICI
nor British Telecom are led by or staffed with fun, spontaneous people,
and you don't see them laying people off due to hardship.
As a dull, largely passive person myself, I find fun, spontaneous people
to be unreliable and downright mean, and I have spent my working life
doing my utmost to ensure that they fail. Together with other dull people
I believe that we have a great opportunity to make the
interweb_e.com-iBusiness2 project profitable, professional, and
boring. Just like a proper industry.

"In the land of the blonde, the blondest man is king"
Ashley Pomeroy - arpatslab [dot] org - http://www.ashleypomeroy.com/

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