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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] RE: fall of the dotcoms?
From: Steve Bowbrick
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 09:59:04 -0000

On this TV programme, in defense of Kevin:

1. Does anyone here seriously believe that the apocalyptic reversal
of fortune the dotcom world has just gone through (and will continue
to go through) is *not* worthy of a TV programme?

2. Is anyone so self-deluding as to believe that this really is
'business as usual', that it's just sorting out the sheep from the
goats, that it'll all be over by Christmas, that any other business
sector has ever experienced such a punishing crash, so much real
personal misery?

3. Are you seriously telling me that you don't recognise *any* of the
characters in Kevin's email - the opportunists, the shysters, the
naifs, the incompetents - or that you have never been shafted,
misled, over-ambitious, over-worked, under-paid or frightened to
death at any point in your new media career?

4. Has everyone totally lost their sense of humour? Is this really
just another dull-as-ditchwater industry not even worthy of a
sensational TV programme? Come on, guys! This business used to be fun
and spontaneous and no-bullshit. When did we all become our dads and
start suggesting trips to Companies House?


At 4:47 pm +0000 30/1/01, David Simpson wrote:
>OK so by now you are either thinking "damn - wish I'd phrased that
>differently" or (more likely) "arseholes to you lot - didn't need your help
>The thought occurs though that an opportunity exists to make a truly
>innovative piece on how a number of companies are making a success of the
>web and are likely to continue to do so. The culling of shit ideas has done
>a lot of good, 'wheat from chaff' , 'men from boys' that sort of thing. As
>the dust settles you can make out some really strong ventures with
>tremendous potential. Interest is stirring among the serious city
>investors, projections for profit, revenue, revenue sources, and market size
>are being scrutinised more closely this time as a result outlooks are more
>realistic but in a number of cases they are still very optimistic.

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