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Subject: RE: fall of the dotcoms
From: Martin Lloyd
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:06:17 -0000

1. Does anyone here seriously believe that the apocalyptic reversal
of fortune the dotcom world has just gone through (and will continue
to go through) is *not* worthy of a TV programme?


No, it needs *much* more than that :-

.Com The Film

Directed by Robert (Forest Gump) Zemeckis

starring Tom Hanks as 'the ordinary guy', Cameron Diaz as 'the all american
wife' and Michael Douglas as 'the greedy capitalist'

The story of an ordinary guy turned billionaire and day trader hero in the
heady days of the late 90's. He had it all, beautiful wife, successful
company, front cover of Time magazine - and he lost it all. Dragged down by
his vulture capitalists, misled by an ad agency that spent millions on a
superbowl ad and ruined by a press release that said he might not 'beat the
street' after all. He ends a broken man, redeemed only by a return to folksy
american ways and a touching reunion with his wife who he'd temporarily
split up with when she had an affair with the VC guy.

Cameo appearances by Jeff Bezos, Esther Dyson and Jacob Nielsen (as the
voice of doom)

Think of it as Wall Street for the 90's.

The UK version (.Co.Uk) will star Hugh Grant, Helen Baxendale and Alan
Rickman, with a guest appearance by Vinnie Jones as a truly terrifying
systems administrator. (whole new meaning to booting servers) Carol
Vorderman will act as narrator to explain any tricky technical bits.

I'm not sure who should do the UK cameo's...



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