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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Online scratch cards and use of shockwave
From: Rick Brownlow
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:00:57 -0000

I could not agree with your more, as with all our promotions, we try to
create winners not losers. Unfortunately for some clients the only way to
offer high value cash prizes (in excess of ?1,000,000) to a mass market is
to have high odds, however we always try to encourage clients to promote
with games that are designed in such a way as to create some winners.

As far as seeded decks v's probability based decks, it has always been my
feeling that players prefer to have control over their destiny, I also feel
that knowing that the card in their hand / on the screen is actually worth
say ?500, and all they have to do is scratch of the correct 3 panels from 9
to win (odds of 1:84 by the way), is preferable to cards such as the
national lottery instants where you have no control whatsoever of the
outcome, it's already a winner or loser when you buy it.

I do take your point though, there will a few people out there who don't
notice the difference.


Rick Brownlow
Business Development Director

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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Online scratch cards and use of shockwave

> Not wanting to be too contentious, but when you say every entrant has a
> chance of winning with Tombola, don't you mean that everyone has a chance
> winning before they get served up their card. As I understand once they
> receive the card players don't have the ability to change the outcome of
> result, the card that is served is already a winner or a loser.

I've absolutely no idea how Tombola functions - all I know is that as a
that run scratchcard promotions they have a good reputation, have made a lot
of happy winners, and have been very impressive in the way they've run their
games etc. Personal viewpoint of course.

Whether you're scratching 3/6 panels or 6/6 panels, the effect of
marketing/promotion isn't going to be much different - but given a
with realistic prizes and people winning and commenting favourably compared
to one where the odds of success of the grand insured prize are 1:99,884,400
(example uproar lotto) ....

Which one do you reckon best engages the consumer?


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