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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banner creative and Yell awards
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 18:53:51 +0100

In my view if you are going to give awards for banner design then you
should do so based on results.

There is very little scope within the size of a banner for much ad
award-winning stuff, though there are certainly candidates for most
aesthetically-pleasing banner ad.

Results are achieved by providing a clear message, and an even clearer
call to action (usually, though not always, by using the words "click

Banners can, of course, help drive brand awareness and should be
designed to reflect brand values.

If any award-givers need any help defining criteria for banner ad of the
year, I would be glad to help.

As to budgets, I can't see the point spending a huge wedge on creating
or recreating a Web site if you are not going to spend an equal or
greater amount on promotion it, either by banner advertising or by
online promotion.

Ray Taylor

kevin moss wrote:
> >And for anyone who's interested, the award for best banner ads was not
> >given - something to do with the judges not finding any that were up to
> >scratch.
> Until there is a shift of focus, and the banner campaign is given as much
> attention (creatively and therefore financially) as the website this will
> continue to be the case.
> It seems far too often a banner is tagged on with little budget/time
> allowed to really come up with a strong creative idea.
> This is changing and hopefully we'll see a little more creative flair being
> expressed in the future, and a little more energy in banner creation.
> There are very few banner campaigns that stick out in my mind from the last
> year! Anyone else?
> Kevin Moss
> Incline Media :: Creative Director :: 0171 723 5325
> I n t e r a c t i v e b a n n e r s
> http://www.incline.co.uk/interactive.html
> K I C K H A M - A G A M E F O R B E C K H A M
> http://www.incline.co.uk/euro2000/kickham.html

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