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Subject: Re: UKNM: Banner creative and Yell awards
From: Kevin Rice
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 12:31:18 +0100

At 10:27 17/07/98 -0000, you wrote:
>>In my view if you are going to give awards for banner design then you
>>should do so based on results.
>>Ray Taylor

>Total rubbish !!!
>Just because a banner, or any other product, produces a large reward,
>finacially or whatever, doesn't mean that it's actually any good design/
>technically wise.
>What if a real dodgy banner was produced and slapped on all the major
>search engines, MTV, Pepsi, Disney and other major sites ? You're gonna
>get results whatever because of their prestige.
>If a banner was produced that was totally beautiful and slapped on, say,
>my Summer Festivals site, (summerfestivals.com) it doesn't matter, you
>still aren't going to get a big return on your investment.
>If you hype something up, it'll sell.

I'm not so sure that follows (oh...hi everybody, this is my first post!).

Certainly a campaign on big brand, high volume sites would produce a large
number of advert impressions, but equally it would cost a great deal. Is it
not possible that a strong creative and/or technical solution, when placed
on an appropriate though (comparatively) low volume site, could also
produce the best return on investment? (it would be great to give an
example here,...but I haven't got one!)

Kevin Rice
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