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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner creative and Yell awards
From: Robert Hamilton
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 17:22:16 +0100

Hi All,

Ross makes some good points about the types of awards, and though I'd
taken a personal pledge (only last night over dinner!) to give it up on
talking about awards I've been tempted, Friday pm as it is, into

It seems that we have two camps: those likely to shout "Bollocks -
creativity doesn't matter, it's results we're after", and those who
are aiming to produce "A great piece of work".

Well, in my experience of advertising, those who do the best work
care about both. We do not generally have the luxury (I use the word
advisedly, as ever) of account planners in online media, but their role
in advertising should not be underestimated. If they have done their
job well, then the creative team will have been delivered the right
proposition as a basis for their work. Armed with that, they are then
able to produce work which can be as creative as they like, provided
that (paraphrasing Mr Sleight) the core proposition is communicated.
This *should* produce creative work which delivers results.

What's frustrating is that the former camp tends to say "It may not
be pretty but it works". Well, some of us would like to do pretty things
that work, thank you very much, and I don't believe that we should be
denied by cheapskates knocking out "Click here for Brand X..." by the

Why do so many people believe that effective work can't be creative
and vice versa? Try telling that to Levi's, Tango, Boddington's, etc.
If creative work couldn't be effective I for one would be taking my
bat home without a moment's hesitation.

Just to contradtict all of the above, as I said a while ago in another
place, creatives' offices tend to be cluttered up with pencils, lions
and arrows, not sales charts. However, that's fair enough, since the
planners tend to be the ones that enter work for effectiveness awards
(please email contradictory case studies to: trashatbrandwidth [dot] co [dot] uk).

OK, so this leads me to agencies being paid by results (a rare insight
into how my head works there). Well, if agencies were given complete
control over the work that might be viable. However, if the agency's

idea is diluted and distorted by the client (it happens...), that's
not always the agency's fault. Should they be punished if the work
subsequently fails to deliver? After all, power is nothing without

Creative <------|-----> Crap

Effluent <------|-----> Effective

Slide away.

To be this cynical takes ages (after you know who)


Robert Hamilton

Creative Consultant, brandwidth
robertatbrandwidth [dot] co [dot] uk
0171 697 0049
0973 989 208

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