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Subject: RE: UKNM: Banner creative and Yell awards
From: Ross Sleight
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:11:01 +0100

At 10:27 17/07/98 -0000, you wrote:
>>In my view if you are going to give awards for banner design then you
>>should do so based on results.
>>Ray Taylor

>Total rubbish !!!
>Just because a banner, or any other product, produces a large reward,
>finacially or whatever, doesn't mean that it's actually any good
>technically wise.

Creativity can be termed as a subjective area and results can be termed
as an objective area. All communications industries have different
awards for these areas - in Advertising Creative awards such as Cannes,
BTA, Campaign poster, Campaign press etc etc. work by looking at the
creative enhancement of a single proposition and judge how effective
this may have been against the target audience of the ad. Thus a lot of
charity ads for example are awarded gongs in comparison to FMCg goods as
the content allows greater scope for creating an impactful message.
Their effectiveness is not judged. In advertising, effectiveness is
judged by the IPA Effectiveness awards and to a certain extent Media
Week awards (as placement is just as, if not moreso important now than
the actual message - what good is a really creative exposition of a
proposition if no one in the right audience sees it in the right
environment at the right time/aperture?). These are judged upon a
submission that looks at the strategy for implementing the proposition
and the effect of that proposition against the target audience, often
with econometric models applied in order to ascertain what the payback
on marketing/advertising is. Thus FMCg goods ads often win in this
category as their effectiveness, return for spent has been
quantified, along with the unquantifiables such as raising awareness,
changing brand perceptions etc.

I do not believe that;

(a) If you spend more on an ad in execution it is better. How many
c1M ads for production are better than c250k? This depends on the type
of production values required to bring the creative idea alive, and the
type of tone of voice that the brand wants to project

(b) If you spend more on an ad in media placement it is a better ad
- Mcdonalds spend c50M a year in advertising - Coke c30M, Unilever
across all products c60M, Tango c4M - size does not dictate creativity

- it dictates awareness and reach against your target audience.

Thus a banner ad on the web could cost 200 to make v one that costs
3k. It doesn't make the 3k one better. If you spend 100k in
placement against a mass audience to ensure reach, it doesn't make it a
better ad than spending 1k media placement against a small defined
target audience.

We have the genus of awards in this industry - some of which are
creatively based (subjective) such as Yell, some of which are
objectively based (effectiveness) such as the NMA effectiveness awards.
Neither is right or wrong - they are just measured in different ways,
and as long as clients are aware of this then we should run parallel
award schemes.


  RE: UKNM: Banner creative and Yell award, Robert Hamilton

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