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Subject: UKNM: Onffsite Applications - Security and trust
From: Chetan Damani
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:06:03 +0100

I am currently doing some work for a telecoms company, and I am more of
technical security person and they are looking for ideas in the "trust our
company" field, the company does have a lot of brand, but they want to be
completely (as close to 100% as possible) secure/trustworthy.

How can we convince people to move there applications offsite. security and
trust wise..?

e.g A knowledge managment Intranet site hosted and managed by an outsourced

What could you offer that would convince companies that your site(site as in
real location and people in the site, not a web site) is secure enough and
you can be trusted..

Is there any government based security clearance system for companies? like
they have for contracters/employees..but would that work?

We could have nondisclosure agreements but what do you think would really
seal it ?

any ideas??

thanks in advance..this is the only place I think I can get any real
answers..as I posted my question in an NT Security list..and got no where..

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