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Subject: Re: UKNM: Onffsite Applications - Security and trust
From: Milliner
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 17:10:34 +0100

At 09:49 29/07/99 +0100, Chetan Damani wrote:
>Is there any government based security clearance system for companies? like
>they have for contracters/employees..but would that work?
>We could have nondisclosure agreements but what do you think would really
>seal it ?
>any ideas??

Hello all... Finally something I can contribute on!

There is a Standard (I think it's either BS 7799 or ISO 7799) that gives clear lines of responsibility to all involved. Taking a look at the NHS model is extremely useful (and publicly available), as they obviously hold some of the most sensitive data around.

Try http://www.imt4nhs.exec.nhs.uk/ or (I think it's live now) http://www.nhsia.nhs.uk/ as a starting point.


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  UKNM: Onffsite Applications - Security a, Chetan Damani

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