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Subject: RE: UKNM: ADSL
From: Giles Turnbull
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 21:28:06 +0100

tdibble wrote:
> BT Backs Off From Retail ADSL
> By Jeremy Scott-Joynt
> 29 July 1999
> British Telecommunications plc has decided not to offer its ADSL
> high-speed data service, due to be rolled out in ten of Britain's biggest
> cities by March 2000 at a cost exceeding 250 million pounds (US$405
> million), as a retail package.
> "We will not sell this connection to end users," a BT spokesman said.
> "We'll wholesale it to people who want to bundle the connection with the
> content or the service." BT will, however, offer ADSL itself as part of
> corporate contract packages.

Umm - oh yes they will. It will be called BT Interactive and you can see the
kind of content offering they will have at http://www.btinteractive.com

At least that's what they said at the ADSL press launch last Thursday.

- Giles
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