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Subject: Re: UKNM: Poor web site design
From: Duncan Clubb
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 21:33:08 +0100

Paul Douglas wrote:

> Duncan Clubb wrote:
> >
> > Paul Douglas wrote:
> >
> > > Jo Chipchase wrote:
> > > > You could perhaps say the same for website awards (e.g. Yell). I bet Joe
> > > > > Public would make *very* different selections to the new meeja folk who
> > > > > decide who to nominate... heh heh. :)
> > >
> > > Then Duncan Clubb wrote:
> > > > Good point - in fact, take a look at the Yell 'Internet mag readers award'
> > > > nominations and see if any of them appeared in any other category! Having said
> > > > that, the nice new meeja folk gave us two nominations, so I'll shut right up now.
> > >
> > > So what's your opinion on the Web design of the overall winner (UK Web
> > > Site of the Year)?
> >
> > I'm not sure my opinion is that relevant - after all, the Yell awards are not meant to
> > be about design alone, but about a site meeting a whole plethora of objectives of which
> > design is only one.
> <snip>
> "The judges were given a list of criteria on which to mark each site
> including overall design, [and] ease of use..." - Eddie Cheng.
> That's why I was asking your opinion - as the judges must have felt that
> Birds in a Cheshire Garden surpassed other entrants. skiclub.co.uk, for
> instance.

OK, point taken. Personally, I think that the judging decisions were either spurious or
obvious to the point of being cliched. By stating that this is the very best of the best of
UK web sites, they are either trying to make a statement about the crapness of the UK web
industry (although they went to great lengths to say how great we all were), or they were
trying to make some sort of bland attempt at 'democratising' the web design thing (i.e. you
don't have to be big to be good). Although winning awards can do wonders for my marketing
efforts, it is not how I measure our own success - I'd rather rely on my clients and their
clients/users for that. And, to be honest, I was surprised that we even got highly
commended, as the thing that should win us our accolades was not visible to the judges!


> Paul

Duncan Clubb

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