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Subject: RE: UKNM: impenetrable front ends
From: Robert Hamilton (brandwidth)
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 21:33:03 +0100

Matt asked:

> dunno if uncle rupert is a typical user - anyone involved in the design of
> content for the adsl trials want to reply or have any trial findings???

Well, I'm not sure if I'm typical either (or indeed aspire to be), but I agree
with Rupert. The BT stuff was inclined to crash browsers (to be fair they were
quite specific about exactly what it was intended to work with, and I think
most of us just said "Gimme a TCP/IP connection and I'll worry about getting it
all to work") and didn't really offer much other than a very, very fast

It's cute to show people the ITN news streaming away, but apart from that there
isn't much to shout about. Those involved in the design seem to have
"Ah, 2Mb/s, that means we can use lots of Flash". Oh dear. Rather a shame,
and a typical abuse of bandwidth, ie just adding frills rather than thinking
about what real benefits could be delivered: making the Web look like one
long channel ident isn't that useful or clever. And, as channel idents go, we're
not talking about anything that's going to make Martin Lambie-Nairn lose
*any* sleep...

More positively, I've been able to work as though I've been on clients'
LANs, which is pretty damned handy, and all in all, ADSL's another good reason for
living in Islington [can't comment on Chiswick ;-) ]


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  UKNM: impenetrable front ends, Matt Jones-ONLINE

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