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Subject: Re: UKNM: Anti-Agency Feelings...
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 11:03:53 +0100

No no Jenny, you are missing the point. ALL ad agencies that existed before
new media are bad. They can't change, because they have "old school"
thinking y'see. That's right, we're very hip and new media is our thing, so
no-one else is allowed to touch it. And if they take us over, well they
still don't get it and we just get paid to do our thing which they don't
understand. Y'see? Old traditional business ideas are really really bad.
Just because they worked for 50 years doesn't mean squat in this day and
age. No siree Bob, the kids are the future. Show me a 45 year old successful
ad exec and I'll show you a 20 year old who knows far more about brand
values and how to help build a successful marketing strategy for a business
that actually relies on its marketing to survive, rather than an over
invested dot-com that is trying to blow its wad before someone somewhere
wakes up.


Robin Edwards
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Subject: UKNM: Anti-Agency Feelings...

> Why the constant diatribe against the ad agencies? There are a huge number
> of
> products / services that need on and offline support and at least some
> agencies
> are beginning to offer both. People with experience in branding and
> positioning
> are as crucial in building an online proposition as they have been in
> advertising beans over the last 50 years.
> Jenny Adamson

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