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Subject: RE: UKNM: The BBC
From: Blair, Brian
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:44:45 +0100

If i use top gear as an example

the top gear site is principally aimed at everyone who may buy a car

the magazine and tv prog is aimed at those who are interested in cars

my take is that beeb.com is not singing from the same hymn sheet as the mag
and tv brands

I like cars, read top gear mag and watch the prog, but the topgear.com site
offers little, just some contextual content to push me towards a retailer
and if i am not interested in car purchase (now) then what else is there? -
not much

the magazine and prog has been at the forefront in acting as a spokesperson
for the uk car industry, getting car prices down and attacking anti-car
policy - the website has not - aint that the whole idea of the blimmin

the weatherman
modem media

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Subject: UKNM: The BBC

Doing some research for a piece, I was surprised at the depth of anti-BBC
feeling among the ranks of UK online entrepreneurs. There seemed to be a
that the BBC was somehow muscling in on "their" territory with the likes of
Top Gear site, and others aimed at various markets from kids to cooks. One
likened the BBC to Microsoft, killing off whole markets with their marketing

Have I been hopelessly naive in being surprised by this, or is this all
just vested interests and sour grapes? The BBC is, after all, doing what it
pretty well online. I'd love to find out what the list's impressions are,
the record, of course :-)

Neil Mc

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