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Subject: Re: UKNM: Mo' Banner Blues
From: jim smith
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:45:38 GMT

Ray Taylor wrote:

> Robin Edwards <robinatclockworx [dot] co [dot] uk> said
> >It is true - the stats do add up like that. However, modify a few variables and
> >things may look a bit better (I'll come to an example in a minute).
> <big snips both ends>
> Robin is right to point out the complexities of creating effective banner
> campaigns, more so the kind of sponsorship deals that Cait and others on
> this list favour.

there are no complexities. the problem is that you're trying to make something work

good advertising is a subtle process, but its fundamentals are simple: matching
medium, brand and consumer desires in the best way to achieve a marketing

banner ads on the web are as inappropriate as lineage classifieds on the cinema
screen. that might sound like a slogan, but i'm dead serious: you wouldn't try to
convince a client that all their cinema advertising should be 14 point times, so
why try to convince a client that a medium based around community and information
is appropriate for short sharp branding efforts - particularly given that you're
trying to imbue brand values through a technology (animated gifs) that is as
limited as woodblocks.

> Why then do so many advertisers still want to do it themselves, without the
> help of an online media agency? Media owners tell me maybe half of all web
> advertising is booked direct. Granted there are few specialist online media
> houses in the UK at present, but even so, some of the mixed web design and
> media/marketing companies (I am told) do a good job too, as do the likes of
> Modem Poppe and BMP Interaction (by reputation).

because banner ads are a low-budget, extremely-low-response medium and giving
someone a bit extra to do it "intelligently" is not at all cost-effective.
particularly not when the media buyer pretends they're selling consultancy and
strategy instead of haggling skills.

> This year will see some big online media agency launches, perhaps from the
> US. I for one will be glad to see it happen even though it means more
> competition for my company, because I believe it will help UK advertisers
> get away from the crummy DIY approach that many are still taking. How many
> companies book their own TV advertising?

depends on the channel, no? no, of course they don't book several million quids
worth of white goods advertising direct. but i suspect the sales teams for
low-viewer cable channels have learnt that it's more productive and cost effective
to ring the client rather than the agency. particularly when a slot is going cheap.

> With 20 million pa being spent on web advertising in the UK, and rising
> rapidly, isn't it about time that UK advertisers started to take web
> advertising seriously and act professionally?

they are: they're building sponsorship-led sites and becoming partners in portals.
the smart money knows that banner advertising does nt work effectively in this
iteration of the web.

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  Re: UKNM: Mo' Banner Blues, Ray Taylor

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