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Subject: RE: UKNM: Matha -- how not to do it
From: Nicholas Tettenborn
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 21:11:05 GMT

> My (late) tuppence worth on that floatation.
> Anyone watching the press coverage of Ms Lane Fox will see that she is
> being set up for the most almighty fall -- the classic media ploy -- put
> them on a pedestal and then kick the pedestal away. I fear, that
> through no
> particular fault of hers, she has been very very badly advised.

The Power Of women in heading an Internet company has been shown before.

I remember the days of Cyberia (europe's first Internet Cafe)where Jene Tear
and Eva Pascoe were the front women for that company. The two men involved
mainly stayed in the background. They new that their was more interest in
ladies in technology. It was a clever tactic and all have benefited. Eva
Pascoe was on Questiontime????

The lady from quickfit (who's name i can't remember) quickly disappeared
after their IPO. I think Ms Lane Fox could do the same if she wanted. I
think it's a bit sexist to say that a lady could not handle the publicity in
the way that Branson et al could.

Fair play to Ms Lane Fox.

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  UKNM: Matha -- how not to do it, Ben Rooney

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