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Subject: UKNM: internet rights / wrongs -Reply
From: John Enser
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 16:00:57 GMT

>>> Richard Houston <Richard [dot] HoustonatUK [dot] Circle [dot] com> 23/March/2000
10:56am >>>
>on a related subject .. as convergence "occurs", will there not be lots of
>punch-ups over the difference (or lack of) between internet and
>television broadcast rights?

Yes, undoubtedly, as there have been with all new media (Peggy Lee
won millions in damages when a court agreed that Disney had no rights
to put Lady and the Tramp onto video) - it is a transitory thing but until
is worked through, there are rich pickings ahead (mostly for the

>i wonder how these contracts are being worded.

Carefully. The best lawyers have seen this coming for several years. I
was first asked to advise on it in 1994


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