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Subject: Re: UKNM: lastminute and tech stocks and shares
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 16:01:29 GMT

Rory Teeling <rory_teelingatyahoo [dot] com> said:

> This assumes that the financial markets work on logic.
> They dont - the value of a company is only what people
> percieve it is (and those people are usually anally
> retentive, overpaid children a.k.a traders). The world
> of trading is a closed world - and the rules and
> relationships defy any logic.

No. The people who most influence tech stocks these days are retail
investors. Dozens of people on this list invested in Lastminute, along with
thousands of other non-City-types. That's what drives the price more than
anything. The same kind of people dump the stock soon after investing, hence
the big post-launch drop for Lastminute, Freeserver etc. The price will
almost certainly recover.

Only when there is sufficient tech stock to match retail investor demands
will there be any culling of the poor performers. Market shifts allowing,
this is not likely to happen within the next few years.

If and when the "bubble bursts" it will only be for a short time and will be
a welcome opportunity for the grim reaper to dive in and help restore health
to the market.

But if you are looking to invest in net stocks, don't waste your time on the
next big IPO. Get in on the ground floor. If you've got a mate with a good
idea, bung her/him a grand for a slice of the pie. Better still, pool your
resources with a few friends and look for a real launch proposition as a
mini VC.

Anyone who lacks friends who they would trust with their money, make out
your cheque to "Ray Taylor" and mail it marked "personal" to eyeconomy, PO
Box 62, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3UB. I'll put the money in an egg account.

Once there is enough money I'll register a company and set up an account to
hold the funds with a nominated second signatory. Shares will be issued at
par against the initial contributions. Anyone coming in after that point
will pay at least five times the price for shares.

If you are not sure how this model works, the following formula might help:


Hope this is simple enough.

Ray Taylor

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  UKNM: lastminute and tech stocks and sha, Rory Teeling

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