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Subject: UKNM: Graduate Placements - Marketing/ Promotion related
From: Chris Meachin
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 18:35:34 +0100

Does anybody out there take on graduate work placements?

(Not for me: This is a general question on behalf of a bunch of other
people. I have a job)

I think the basic criteria are: A 48 week placement; Mkting or mkting
related position, i.e. advertising, PR, Promotions,
retailing, merchandising etc with a view to gain as much hands on

>From September-ish.

Please contact me (weekendattheseaside [dot] co [dot] uk) if any of you folks would be
interested in hiring a marketing under-grad.

Apologies for the spam if this is completely irrelevant ;o)

Cheers, Chris

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