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Subject: RE: UKNM: State of the Nation
From: Andrew Hall
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 09:44:21 +0100

First posting - new to the list, but thought I would throw in my
thoughts on the Internet World exhibition from my personal point of

We took a small stand. We're yet to go through the business we might get
out of it, but my impression is that although some good contacts were
made, the whole show was pretty tired. It's such a shame - for our
rather complex sales message, we really need a good, targeted show with
a marketing focus.

We dedicate valuable marketing budget to these things and give them our
best shot, but all the general Internet shows seem to be the same -
they're much too broad, lacking focus (too many different
audiences/products/applications). If they want to do a show for
everyone, they need to be much bigger to give visitors a sufficient
range of suppliers and options.

Show organisers also really seem very naive when it comes to thinking of
the audience they want for their customers (or perhaps they are judged
not by how happy their exhibitors are, but by how many people they get
through the door, never mind the quality.) Or perhaps they just don't
understand the medium at all??? And that's without mentioning their

I would support a show with a new media marketing focus - perhaps as an
offshoot of one of the main marketing shows, or with the support of one
of the major marketing magazines/organisations.

I stubbornly fail to accept that new media exhibitions are a waste of
time - we all want to get out there and show the great things we're
doing, but to the right people and in the right company. Simple really!

Andrew Hall
Marketing Executive
PA New Media
0171 963 7522

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> From: Sam Michel [SMTP:samatwebmedia [dot] com]
> Sent: 14 May 1998 14:32
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> Subject: UKNM: State of the Nation
> Hi Gang,
> I didn't make it down to Internet World (OK, so if you're being
> pedantic it
> hasn't finished yet - but I know I'm not going to have time) but all
> the
> reports I have heard indicate that you could almost see the
> tumbleweeds
> blowing across the exhibition hall and conference at OIympia. Did you
> go?
> Is this fair? Are the reports of a v. quite conference over-estimated?
> If this is true, is it an indicator of the state of the UK new media
> industry? I must admit I missed most of the marketing for the event,
> which
> might explain why it was quiet, but in comparison the Internet World

> events
> in the US are rammed full.
> To further dispell the hush, anyone got any account wins (and I don't
> just
> mean websites) they'd like to mention? I can't remember the last time
> I saw
> an announcement in the press.
> On the other hand, maybe I'm dreaming all this, could the heat be
> getting
> to me?
> Toodle Pip
> Sam
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