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Subject: Re: UKNM: State of the Nation
From: Felix Velarde
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 09:44:18 +0100

On 14/5/98 I read:

> If this is true, is it an indicator of the state of the UK new media
> industry? I must admit I missed most of the marketing for the event, which
> might explain why it was quiet, but in comparison the Internet World events
> in the US are rammed full.

In the States there is an entire culture of people with nothing
better to do than go conferencing. Here we're (including your
good self) too busy being entrepreneurs, fulfilling contracts,
designing sites or whatever to be going to an event designed to
sell bandwidth (I wasted a day going to Brum for Internet'97
last year which sealed conferences' fate for me). Maybe if they
laid on dancing girls and boys, free PowerBooks and the like
we'd all troop off (like we did to the erstwhile AppleExpos) but
as it is we've yet to justify getting to all the award
ceremonies, let alone the industry conflabs :)

> To further dispell the hush, anyone got any account wins (and I don't just
> mean websites) they'd like to mention? I can't remember the last time I saw
> an announcement in the press.

well... Dun+Bradstreet, BBC, more work from Coopers&Lybrand (new
site at http://www.uk.coopers.com/cf), more work from Mars, and
a redesigned Head site (http://www.head-newmedia.com) all in the
last month: just because some of those who spent their days at
conferences and exhibitions have gone bust bigtime (joke)
doesn't mean the rest of us are slacking - we're just
concentrating on what we do, not what the industry's doing!

> On the other hand, maybe I'm dreaming all this, could the heat be getting
> to me?

If this keeps up we'll be doing contras with air conditioning
companies all summer :)

Oh, feedback on the new Head site would be valued, by the way!

Felix Velarde

Managing Director Head New Media

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  UKNM: State of the Nation, Sam Michel

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