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Subject: Re: UKNM: State of the Nation
From: Jim Sterne
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 09:44:34 +0100

At 02:32 PM 5/14/98 +0100, Sam Michel wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>I didn't make it down to Internet World

And you were sorely missed!

>but all the
>reports I have heard indicate that you could almost see the tumbleweeds
>blowing across the exhibition hall and conference at OIympia. Did you go?
>Is this fair? Are the reports of a v. quite conference over-estimated?

I had a good showing in my marketing workshop on Monday.
Tuesday I did a quick run around the show floor at lunch
time and it was a little quiet. My afternoon session was
meagerly attended, but most of the people who cared had
had a whole day of me already and wisely begged off.
Any reports about the following days?

>If this is true, is it an indicator of the state of the UK new media

>in comparison the Internet World events in the US are rammed full.


Having just spent a week in Glasgow and a week in London,
I just have to throw a little US perspective into the mix.

I'm worried about Europe. Really worried.

The industry in the US is *still* going bananas and
the reasons are plain. Companies save money. Customers
get better service. New types of services are being
created on a daily basis. Huge amounts of effort are
being shovelled into the Web because the value is
so blatantly obvious.

Everybody on this list knows it in their hearts.
That's why we all went into this business. We just
*knew* it made sense. Guess what? It still does.

I'm worried about Europe because it is sleeping
while the US creates a new economy. "Our customers
aren't online yet" is no excuse for not experimenting.
"Nobody else is doing it" is no reason to keep one's
head firmly planted in the sand. "It's too soon" is
the best way of letting the other guy win.

The US was founded by pioneers and misfits and lauds
the exploits of the independent individual. In doing
so it is a perfect crucible for innovation. The results
of this innovation engine should frighten the European

Home banking in the US is catching on just like automatic
tellers did. Priceline lets you name the price of the plane

ticket you want and lets the airlines bid for your business.
Shopping bots are comparing products from multiple vendors
for review and online purchase.

Once each industry gets it figured out, do you think American
Web-enabled companies are going to stay home?

Amazon.com is changing the way the book business is played.
Now they're coming to Europe. They're building distribution
points all over the world in order to get past their last
hurdle - time and distance.

The US has the advantage of a couple of years of gung-ho
Web business and only 2% of all the firms in Glasgow
even have a Web site up. When the US companies start
elecronically draining Pounds, Marks, Francs and Lira out
of Europe, will there be anybody doing e-commerce there to
fight back? Or will the EU still be arguing like children
over who's man is going to run the Euro?

Where, oh, where is the recognition that life has changed
and companies can now eat your lunch from the other side
of the Pond without a local office? Asia's paying attention.
When will Europe?


That's all well and good, Jim, but what's your point, man?

The stands may have been under attended, but it's only through
lack of vision and not the beginning of the end. The new media
business in Europe is in its absolute infancy. It's only the
beginning and it's your job to educate the people with the most
to lose. Now is the time for them to jump in and start learning.

You are the catalyst.

Jim Sterne http://www.targeting.com
jsterneattargeting [dot] com Target Marketing
Author: "World Wide Web Marketing" +1 805-965-3184
"Customer Service on the Internet" Consultant
and "What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web"

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