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>I stubbornly fail to accept that new media exhibitions are a waste of
>time - we all want to get out there and show the great things we're
>doing, but to the right people and in the right company. Simple really!

We exhibited at the Internet show in Birmingham last Septemeber and are
*still* getting enquiries from it! I agree with your comments, it's all
about the right show, the right presence and the right visitors...

In regard to the general point about a slow-down in the UK new media
market, I can honestly say that we have yet to experience it. However,
what we are finding is that clients have a much clearer idea about *what*
they want to get out of a Web presence/online marketing campaign. They're
less willing to "suck-it-and-see" and more likely to come to us with a
solid proposal.

>I must admit I missed most of the marketing for the event, which
>might explain why it was quiet, but in comparison the Internet World events
>in the US are rammed full.

Also, I missed most of the press for Internet World too. I normally get
bombarded with invites and info but this year I don't think I received
anything! I'm glad it wasn't personal.


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